👋, I'm Dovid, NYC

UX/UI Product Designer

My experience in software development has empowered me to deliver clean, functional digital designs to clients worldwide. I excel at creating interactive prototypes in whichever tool necessary, and I have the technical know-how to convert those designs into scalable products.


Improving user activation

Web App
In Progress

Loop combines all your message apps and ranks them so you're aware of what needs your attention. I was hired to re-design the UI and automate the onboarding experience.

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A mockup of a project
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Delivery app re-design

Invision Studio

GLS, a €3.3 billion European delivery company, approached my team to re-design their parcel-shop app for 20,000 stores worldwide. Our app is used by store employees to scan deliveries as they enter and leave the store. I designed a user flow that reduced average taps from 19 to 6.

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Traveling for business

Invision Studio

Find fun things to do while traveling for work! My app will compare your calendar's schedule with the schedule of attractions around you and recommend a time to go that fits your schedule.

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Thor Jubera Albo

Lead Engineer at GLS

Dovid showed initiative and tremendous logical ability in rebuilding our existing UI/UX architecture, which reduced our minimum user clicks from nineteen to six. He proved to be an empathetic leader with an uncanny ability to understand the needs of the engineering team.

Maryanne pollock

Art Director at Obelisk Gallery

‘Remarkably efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Dovid. I hired Dovid to update my website and maintain my Gallery. He successfully updated my two websites and rapidly designed incredible prototypes!

Greg Fragin

CEO at Loop HQ

Dovid is a rare blend of technical expertise with business understanding.  He brings his innate curiosity and problem solving to each task, continuously probing and redefining the problem until he reaches the ideal solution.  Dovid is a pleasure to work with and the output speaks for itself.

William Plotnick

President & Co-Founder of Cinelimite Inc.

The designs Dovid crafted are top-notch, and the design system he integrated allows for straightforward fixes and bulk updates throughout every area of the app. I'm looking forward to hire him on upcoming projects. Highly recommended!

My Process

A sample of the Design Thinking process I iterate with clients.

Stage 1: Understand

1-2 días

Goal Collaborate with team to gain a shared understanding of user needs
How Define business goals & metrics
Deliver User interviews & Contextual inquiry, Competitor analysis, expert interviews

Stage 2: Define

4-7 días

Goal Combine research with observing user’s problems
How Define the users needs and ways to track if the design meets those needs
Deliver User Need statement, Persona, Track with Mixpanel, Heuristic Evaluation, User Flow

Stage 3: Sketch

4-7 días

Goal Generate creative and effective solutions
How Cross-functional brainstorming
Deliver Crazy 8’s, wireframes, black and white prototype to be tested with users

Stage 4: Decide

4-7 días

Goal Team and stakeholders decide what will be prototyped in high fidelity
How Team review’s insights from usability tests and design artifacts
Deliver Clear path forward and a record of design decisions

Stage 5: Prototype

4-7 días

Goal Build real, tactile representation of our ideas
How Defining typography, color, style, and components
Deliver Figma components of UI states, templates, and a high fidelity prototype to test with users

Stage 6: Implement

4-7 días

Goal Put the vision into effect
How Clean engineer handoff and continuous testing
Deliver Usability tests, Design system, Quantitative metrics




After earning a computer science degree, I worked as a Software Engineer for NexHealth. There, I developed full-stack apps using JavaScript frameworks and HTML/CSS. I use my engineering experience to grasp how software is structured, so solutions are feasible.


I love to travel, so I studied UX/UI Design in Barcelona. I met great friends, designers, and my first client, GLS, A European logistics company. I've since worked under contract for Cinemalite, a Brazilian cinema, Loop HQ, a productivity startup, and Cresicor, trade software.